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Exhale into Health is a boutique fitness studio designed to create harmony in the senses, as well as the body, mind and emotions.

We are the authorized facility for Nia Technique in the Port Hope and Cobourg area. Combined into choreographed dance Nia increases flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability, while creating JOY in the body.

HYBRID YOGA is designed to be heartfelt and accepting; students are guided to express themselves through the poses to their fullest ability.* Offered Monday to Friday before 8am, it’s an amazing way to begin the day: stretching and connecting with Self in a way that opens the heart, allowing the mind to rest and invigorating the body for the day to come.

PRE-NATAL YOGA works with women in their initial stage of pregnancy up to the week of birth. Focusing on lower back, hips and upper body, the pregnant women in the class are guided into poses that provide strength and stability to their hips and lower back enabling them to prepare for birth. Working on the upper body prepares them for holding baby after birth . . .

VINTAGE HIPS focuses on women in their 50’s through 80’s - strengthening legs, hips and lower back while adding flexibility, balance and coordination. Special attention is paid to balance through this unique fusion of YOGA, PILATES and NIA.

Competition and Judgement are eschewed as Every Body is unique, or a work in progress.

Home-like in its decor, this upscale studio has a sprung floor for ease of joints. The 30 foot wall of mirrors allows students to see their posture and their movements for correction and/or validation.

Yoga mats, blocks, blankets and bolsters are provided, as is Spring water. The bathrooms are equipped with face cloths, deodorants, and mouth wash, as well as hair dryers and curling irons.

About Elizabeth Kiser—elizabeth kiser nia, yoga, thai massage

Elizabeth Kiser, owner of Exhale Into Health, is certified in five Movement Modalities:

• Mat Pilates
• The Nia Technique, Black Belt
• Five Stages of Healing
• Vinyasa Flow YOGA
• Pre and Post Natal YOGA
• Thai Massage

She has received extensive education in the human anatomy. With this knowledge and certification training, Elizabeth focuses her classes on Hip and Lower Back health.

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